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Photos from Academia Classica - Summer School for Schoolchildren (01-10.08.2009).

Photos from EUROCLASSICA Conference in Saint-Peterburg (09.2007).

Questionnaire for the members of the Association.

1-10.08.09 Academia Classica the I summer school in Classics for school children in Russia.

10-19.07.09 12th Academia Homerica in Athens and Chios.

2-10.08.08 Academia Latina III in Rome .

12.03.08 7th Annual European Student Competition was held in 17 European contries and in Mexico The tasks and more detailed information.

11-20.07.08 11th Academia Homerica will take place on Chios.

11.04.08 Latin Competition-2008 took place in Moscow. See Examples of the tasks and more detailed information..

28-31.01.08 Coordinators of the Societas Russica Magistrorum Linguarum Classicarum organized presentation of the Association during the conference of university professors of Ancient languages. This annual conference takes place in December in Moscow State University and unites our colleagues from various parts of Russia and other ex-Soviet countries. Elena Ermolaeva delivered a lecture about EUROCLASICA and Russian participation in it. In particular the audience learnt about the conference of EUROCLASICA which took place in Saint-Petersburg half year ago. After that Vsevolod Zelchenko recounted the story of the first Congress of Russian teachers of Ancient languages which was organized in the beginning of XX century. After the presentation many participants of the conference joint SRMLC.

22.09.07 Maria Philippenko. Euroclassicists in Russia (in Russian).

22.09.07 During the EUROCLASSICA Conference in Saint-Petersburg three Coordinators of the Societas Russica Magistrorum Linguarum Classicarum were elected (photos and details in Russian.

19-22.09.07 EUROCLASSICA Conference in Saint-Petersburg (see Programme of the Conference and the report by Elena Ermolaeva).

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