Contemporary History
of Classical Studies in Russia

This site is the largest collection of information about contemporary history of Classical Studies in Russia. Almost all the pages are in Russian, but nevertheless you may try to make use of it.

First, there is a section in English. It is dedicated to the Association of School teachers of Greek and Latin (though a bit out of date). Then you may try to browse the section Personalia, which has subsections about those who have graduated Moscow State University, Russian State University of Humanities and St.Tikhon Orthodox University of Humanities.

The other projects are: News on the title page (archives for years 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 are also available), Owl of Minerva (video interviews of some prominent scholars and teachers), Books (with summaries and/or scans of contents), Latin Olympiads for school children (tasks and photos) et al.

Several Russian sites in the section Sites have got an English version.

The author of the project Vladimir Fayer (pronounced like fire) is open to contact and would be grateful for feedback (via e-mail or blog).

Important sites:
RSUH: Classical Department, Center of Classical Ancient Studies, Department of Ancient History.
Bibliotheca Classica Petropolitana
Museum Graeco-Latinum
The Classical Gymnasium of St Petersburg
The Classical Gymnasium of St Petersburg
Project Diglossa

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