Конференция "Образцы, понятия и содержание античной филологии"
(Фессалоники, декабрь 2008)
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Language – Text – Literature

Archetypes, Concepts, and Contents of Ancient Scholarship and Grammar

International Conference

Thessaloniki, 5th-7th December 2008

Organised by

The Department of Classical Studies, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki

(S. Matthaios – A. Rengakos) & Centre for the Greek Language, Thessaloniki

To be held at: Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Amphitheater

Provisional programme

Friday, 5th December

Reception – Registration

Opening Ceremony

Keynote Lecture

Franco Montanari (University of Genova)

Ancient scholarship and classical studies

Section A: The Archaeology of Ancient Scholarship and Grammar

Panel 1: The Development of the Language and Literature Discipline

Richard Hunter (University of Cambridge)

Plato’s Ion and the origins of scholarship

Marco Fantuzzi (University of Florence)

The Euripidean mannerism of the “Rhesus” ascribed to Euripides

Flora Manakidou (University of Thrace)

Ut poesis grammatica: Theocritus, Philitas, and the bucolic diction

Oliver Hellmann (University of Trier)

The interface of poetry, literary criticism and science. The cases of Callimachus and Aristophanes of Byzantium

Stephanos Matthaios (University of Thessaloniki)

Eratosthenes aus Kyrene: Lesarten seiner „Grammatik“-Definition

Section B: Interpretative Approaches to Literature

Panel 1: Homeric Scholarship and Grammar

Filippomaria Pontani (University of Venice)

Ex Homero grammatica

Renй Nьnlist (Brown University)

Aristarchus and allegorical interpretation

Francesca Schironi (Harvard University)

Playing with language: Homeric grammar according to Aristarchus

Andreas Schmidhauser (University of Geneva)

Ancient linguistic science and textual criticism: The possessive pronoun ὅς/ός in Homer

John Lundon (University of Cologne)

Homer commentaries on papyrus: A survey

Martin Schmidt (University of Hamburg)

Ein Portrait eines unbekannten „Scholiasten“

Panel 2: Interpretation of Lyric, Drama, and Hellenistic Poetry

Bruce Karl Braswell (University of Fribourg)

Didymus on Pindar

Peter Bing (Emory University)

Afterlives of a tragic poet: The hypothesis in the Hellenistic reception of Euripides

Stylianos Chronopoulos (University of Freiburg)

Rewriting personal jokes: How do the scholia interpret the νομαστκωμδεν

Konstantinos Spanoudakis (University of Crete)

Ancient scholia and lost identities: The case of Simichidas

Saturday, 6th December

Section C: Ancient Grammar - Concepts and Contexts

Panel 1: Grammarians on the Development of Greek Language

Jean Lallot (Йcole Normale Supйrieure, Paris)

Les grammairiens d’Alexandrie avaient-ils le sens de l’histoire?

Louis Basset (University of Lyon)

Apollonius entre koinи et langue йpique

Eleanor Dickey (University of Exeter)

Pre-Atticist criteria of linguistic correctness

Panel 2: History of Linguistic Concepts

Alfons Wouters & Pierre Swiggers (KUniversity of Leuven)

New papyri and the history of ancient grammar

Guillaume Bonnet (University of Bourgogne)

Le syntagme dans la grammaire ancienne

Frédéric Lambert (University of Bordeaux)

La syntaxe avant la syntaxe: usages du terme de σύνταξις chez les grammairiens grecs avant Apollonios Dyscole

Louise Visser (K University of Leuven)

Learning Latin in the early medieval West: ‘rules’ on participles

Valerie Van Elst (K University of Leuven)

Byzantine grammarians on the participle in inflectional morphology. A didactic approach

Panel 3: Grammar and Lexicography

Margarethe Billerbeck (University of Fribourg)

Stephanos von Byzanz als Grammatiker

Christos Theodoridis (University of Thessaloniki)

Bemerkungen zum Photios-Lexikon

Sunday, 7th December

Panel 4: Linguistic Theories in Interdisciplinary Context

Casper de Jonge (University of Leiden)

Not without a linguistic commentary. Dionysius of Halicarnassus and the Thucydides scholia on the historian’s obscure syntax

Ineke Sluiter (University of Leiden)

Analogy and exceptions – Herodian and Galen on the criteria for linguistic correctness

Anneli Luhtala (University of Helsinki)

Imposition of names in ancient grammar

Maria Chriti (Centre for the Greek Language, Thessaloniki)

The Neoplatonic commentators on Aristotle about the “arbitrariness of the linguistic sign”

Marc Baratin (University of Lille)

Genre et indйtermination chez Priscien: notions philosophiques et interprйtations grammaticales

Concluding Lecture

Wolfram Ax (University of Cologne)

Quintilians Grammatik (inst. 1,4,1-9) und ihre Bedeutung fьr die Geschichte der rцmischen Grammatik.


For further information please contact: Stephanos Matthaios matthaio@lit.auth.gr

Department of Classical Studies

Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki

GR-54124 Thessaloniki, Greece

[The Conference is supported also by the FIEC]

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